Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Gmapcatcher - An Offline Viewer Of Google Maps

Gmapcatcher is a Python scripts that allows you to cache Google Maps tiles in different zoom level that you can browse when your machine is offline.

It is supposed to be able to run for both Linux and Windows. I have gotten it working on my Asus Eee 900 on Linux but no such luck on Windows despite installing Python and whole lot more modules as directed by Gmapcatcher. On Linux it was just too easy (just need to install the subversion modle), as Python is already installed as a standard.

This will be perfect for a road trip, especially if you do not have a GPS enabled device and the relevant maps. You do have to do some work of loading in advance while online the areas and your desired zoom levels. This could take some time as preloading the maps are abo4 times slower with Python than on the Google Maps site. Not sure about the legality of this program, but then again this Python code is taken from Google's own code site.

I have already preloaded the maps for my next road trip and with the map data at only 64 Mb, it not too heavy too (highway maps down to level 4 and about 5 towns/cities down to level 2). Looks like I have to bring the Eee along, which is still way better than lugging a full blown notebook.

Note: Couldn't find a similar application for Nokia Phones, but Map Offline looks interesting for those of you carrying an iPhone.

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Helder said...

a Windows installer is now available!

Evan Low said...

Cool. Will try it when I am back from vacation.