Saturday, March 7, 2009

Replacing My Coffee Maker


This new smaller and cuter 2 cups (around 30 ml per cup) Bialetti has replace my older Bialetti 5 cups coffee maker for the past 2 weeks. Not that there is anything wrong with the older one (now relegated as the spare), but since only 2 cups are needed for me and the wife every morning, this new coffee maker might do the job better.

The verdict? The coffee still taste the same (fantastic), but the smaller size means it brews much faster than the bigger one with the same amount of water and coffee. I just love the simple stove top design of this coffee maker.

The older one was bought in Italy a couple of years back. This one is bought in Singapore at Carrefour. At between 43-57  Singapore dollars (28-37 USD) for the 2-5 cups models the prices are comparable to Italy where it’s made.

I get the espresso coffee powder for the Bialetti also from Carrefour. And the Carrefour espresso cost less than half of other espresso grounds.

Drinking good espresso coffee daily doesn’t have to be expensive.

Bialetti’s wiki.

The story of the Bialetti Moka Express.

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