Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google Chrome 2.0 - Updates


G00gle Chrome is getting better. Only one major thing left. Where are the extensions support?


Jack Stanley said...

Despite of the fact that Chrome is in lack of an extension system yet, (quite few people know) there are some pioneering add-ons existed already. e.g., Cleeki has provided its add-on for Chrome. You can consider Cleeki as an alternative to IE8 accelerators, only superior. Select any text, and Cleeki can search/share/publish on the Internet and preview the results immediately in the same page. Check it out yourself:

Evan Low said...

Thanks Jack,

I do know about the efforts outside to put those in place. I am a firefox user, and very used to extensions. The draw for Chrome is the speed and small resources required. And it's hard to give up Foxmarks, Webmail Notifier, Tab-Mix Plus.....