Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Joyeye Lite - Lomo photography for Nokia Phones

Menu screen - Nokia Joyeye Lite - Share on Ovi

Joyeye Lite is my continuing journey to into the world of Lomo and/or fun photography.

It's free to download from Nokia's Ovi site, although on Joyeye's site it's USD 4.99. So far everything seems to work on my Nokia E61i, although I have some problems trying to publish the images to the social networks. It does not work with videos taken from the mobile.

Some sample pictures taken from my E61i with Joyeye Lite. These are just a few of the effects that is supported by Joyeye Lite.

The Joyeye Lite is a cool photo extension for any Nokia mobile. That said, I will stick with my Harinezumi 2 for my fun photography, but keeping Joyeye as a backup for taking fun phone camera photos.

Joyeye Lite 1.0.2 features:
1. Makes your photo camera a LOMO camera to capture LOMO photos,including action sampler;
2. Applys LOMO effects on the photos in your photo album, e.g., E2C, Retro, White/Black, Mirror, Scanline, frames, etc.;
3. Shares LOMO photos to the most of popular social networks and Joyeye, e.g., Pixelpipe, Flickr, Facebook,etc.;
4. Writes your micro-blog, and sync it to Twitter;
5. Supports sharing task queue;
6. Shows the newest photos and comments in Joyeye mobile community.


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