Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changing my eBook reader from iBooks to the Kindle App

It is not because I have a Kindle 3 reader, which incidentally is for the wife My primary reader is the iPad, or the iPhone if I am waiting in line at the doctor's office.

iBooks was my the default reader, but I find the lack of controls in iBooks to be main reason for the change to the Kindle app.

iBooks' performance on my original iPad is not good, and the sluggish page turning animation is probably the culprit. This hampers my reading experience. At least for the Kindle App I can turn the animation off. Not so for iBooks.

Another thing is the page margins. iBooks IMHO has too much white spaces, and we are not given any options to change it.

In short, the extra step to convert an ePub book (iBooks) to Mobi (Kindle) is a a big deal considering that the reading experience counts for everything. Fancy book turning animation may look good in a demo, but for some, simplicity is the key. At the very least iBooks should provide the options, which they do not.

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