Wednesday, May 20, 2015

17 Windproof Facts About Zippo Lighters

Wonder what happened to my Zippo? They are not that easy to maintain relatively speaking with lighter fluid and flint replacement which cost more than a disposable lighter. The best would be to get the disposable lighter (those that has electric not flint lighting and can be refilled - check the bottom of the lighter). A cheap gas canister for just over a dollar and lighter can lighter a long time. Mine current one is already 9 months and 4 refills already. Better for the environment instead of keep buying those disposable lighter....
17 Windproof Facts About Zippo Lighters
The idea for the windproof lighter emerged in Bradford, Penn. in 1932. George Blaisdell was smoking a cigarette on the porch of the Bradford Country Club when he noticed a local businessman using a strange lighter from Austria that had a protective top. Blaisdell asked the man why he used such a cum…

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