Friday, May 1, 2015

CAN's statement on the assault on Amos Yee

This is getting serious. From the onset I have already said that Amos needs therapy instead of persecution. What the state is doing is not helping the situation. We have to ask ourselves, which school will take him now? Later in life who will hire him? Even worse, he like every Singaporean will have to serve national service. What kind of hell will he be put through? Why is there no assessment on his mental state? What if he snaps after all this and decides to do the worst, like take his own life? You will just providing more fuel for the opposition. He is bloody just 16 years old!
CAN's statement on the assault on Amos Yee
CAN believes that the conditions imposed on Yee are unnecessarily onerous. Apart from having to report to his Investigating Officer every day, he is also barred from posting anything online. This c...

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