Monday, July 6, 2015

1 Mile Above (aka KORA) - Official Trailer

Nice bike touring movie. After last year's via Francigena (Milan to Rome) going up the Apennines and all the hills in Tuscany I thought that would be enough for dabble with touring. But after watching this movie something stirs inside me again. Humans can sometimes be such masochist. A couple of things on this movie though. 1. Gears. Actors probably never thought of using lower gears for the climb. 2. Too rear heavy with all the gears behind. Had the same setup and it is a pain when the bike hits a rough patch. 4. The downhill section was excellent. Had the same experience (without the fall of course) trying to keep the bike below 45 km/h for almost half an hour praying that the brakes don't fail.
1 Mile Above (aka KORA) - Official Trailer
Based on a true story, One Mile Above depicts a young man's cycling journey to the highest point in Tibet to fulfil his brother's final wish.

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