Sunday, September 6, 2015

The general election campaign so far: the issues

When the parliament was dissolved and this election process started I came in thinking that after the 2011 General Election, the incumbent has made quite of few positive changes (probably also due to what happened in 2011) and it would be interesting to see how this GE will turn out. What I never expect is stress, especially in the social media. The intensity and anger of the opposition supporters coupled by the almost similar fervent supporters of the incumbent makes the situation extremely daunting this time round and everyday I dread opening my FB updates. So I am not surprise that a first time voter told me that he plans to void his vote. That's not right. It is every one's right and duty to be part of the democratic process (unless we become like China with it's one party and go back to what we are doing). Rants from the oppositions nor the condescending advice from the incumbent supporters is not going help those confused first timers. Rational non-partisan views for better understanding are hard to find but I the closest I feel is from yawning bread, kind of like reading a book about religions rather than the religious itself. He has a three part views on this election (third is not out yet). Hope this will help to better understand better because one will never ever get it straight from any of the parties.
The general election campaign so far: the issues
At about halfway through our extremely short election campaign period, there has been no major surprise. Perhaps more importantly, no major blunder by any politician yet. It is proving to be a hard...

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